Mission Statement

We Occupy City Heights, in Solidarity with Occupy San Diego, in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and in Solidarity with he entire Human Race; to bring Peace, Justice, Knowledge, and Power to all the people who reside in the 92105. We want to see no more families kicked out of their homes, and we will fight to stop the banks from taking them from their rightful owners, and we want the choice of having a local credit union, instead of corrupt institutions like Chase Bank, and Bank of America, which litter our city with their foreclosures. We want to see the end of Racial Profiling, and Police Brutality. We want the Farmer’s Market Fresh Fund brought back to life, so we can further Support Local Businesses. We want jobs, and a true chance to provide for our families. We want every Man, Woman, and Child to be proud of their Neighborhood, in City Heights, San Diego, and across the world. This is why we Occupy City Heights.